About Us

handmade with real ingredients

Wild Pops is a gourmet pop company that is reimagining the classic American popsicle. Made with fresh fruit and real ingredients, our pops are packed with flavor in every bite. We cut every strawberry, juice every lemon, and peel every mango. Our pops taste like real fruit, because they are made with real fruit.

We love food. We were raised in a family that loves food. Talking about it, cooking it, and especially eating it. Our mother taught us about flavor, quality, and taste, but she also made it fun, always letting us break an egg or lick the bowl.

On the other hand, our father took us on adventures to explore new food. There was always a story; who made it, where it came from, and why it was important. As we ate, these stories became part of our stories and cultivated a passionate curiosity to explore the world through food.

We craft our flavors to share the culinary experiences and stories that have stayed with us. The ones we can’t get out of our heads. The ones we love.

Our hope is that you will love them as well, and that eating our pops will become one of your cherished memories and part of your story.


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"In nature nothing exists alone."

-Rachel Carson

In an effort to divert waste from landfills we have contracted with Cero, a Boston based worker-owned cooperative, to compost the produce waste from our pop production. 


Common Questions & Answers

This is where our commercial kitchen is located. While it may look like nothing is happening because our storefront is currently closed, we are feverishly working in the back, chopping fruit, rocking out to dramatic 80’s music, and freezing pops for you.

At this time, we do not have a plan to reopen the storefront for in person retails sales, however, it is where you will pick up online orders.

Magic. The popsicles we grew up on were flavored frozen water. Water melts, fast. By using real fruit and ingredients in the proper ratio, we are able to make flavorful pops with a good consistency that won’t melt quickly.

Awesome, we love working with other businesses!  Visit our Wholesale page to find out more information and contact us.

All of our pops are made with sugar, with the exception of Grapefruit Honey, which also has honey in it, Maple Walnut which is sweetened with Maple Syrup, and Coconut Date Walnut which is sweetened with dates.

Nuts are used in our facility. While the majority of our pops do not contain nuts, several do. Also, many of our pops are made with coconut milk.

Yes. At this time all of the pops that we make are dairy-free.